Vandvis Takeshi
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About Takeshi

Vandvis Takeshi (Kesha for short) was imported from the Russian Cattery Vandvis owned by sisters, Olga and Vita Nyunina. Both ladies have worked very hard to make a strong and vivid bloodline in Russia.

Vandvis cats have a distinctive look (i.e., big ears, perfect ear placement, big lemon shaped eyes, thick wrinkles, solid pear shaped bodies and adorable personalities), high show standing and a long standing history of being HCM free. Their bloodlines are admired and desired across the continents. Much admiration should be given to the hard work Olga and Vita have invested into reviving this breed.

Kesha is the second Vandvis cat to enter North America and the only Vandvis cat to enter Canada. Kesha is a classic red tabby, though his stripes are not as visible as they once were when he was a kitten. Kesha has a soft meow, rambunctious personality and an undying love for water. Regardless of his big size he still considers himself a baby at heart and attempts at nursing off of any fellow Sphynx friends nearby.

Kesha's favorite pal is CATBerry Kingdom Neverending Story (Story for short), this dynamic duo spend the majority of their time either cuddling in the sun or playing in a bath tub full of water. Both traveled from Europe to Canada together and have formed a deep bond over their adventures. Kesha has a distinctive Vandvis profile, muscular body, outstanding pedigree and an adorable personality.

Thank you Olga and Vita for entrusting your sweet boy with us. Much antipication is placed on the future of Kesha and Story's kittens at CatCouture.

D.O.B. Oct 6, 2011
Color: Classic Red Tabby