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About Darling

The name Captain (Cpt.) Darling was inspired by the British television series Black Adder. Set in World War I, actor Tim McInnerny played General Melchett's (Stephen Fry's) bureaucratic assistant, Captain Kevin Darling. Personality-wise, McInnerny's character was actually the polar opposite of the Sphynx Cpt. Darling. Like the television character though, the Sphynx also goes by just "Darling".

Darling has won numerous titles within the American Cat Fancy Association (ACFA), such as Inter-American Winner 2011, Eastern Regional Winner 2011, Best of the Best and Grand Champion. I have been humbled by Darling's great success in the show world.

Darling has a muscular build with definition in all the right places on his pear shaped body. His wrinkles are most prominent on his head and nape with advancement around his upper torso when in a relaxed state. The wrinkles hit all the right spots on his head, still allowing his loving lemon shaped eyes to beam through. With his large ears, prominent whisker pads and wispy tail, Darling is always alert and ready for love and hugs.

Darling is a sweet boy of gentle nature and loving ways. Darling loves children, sleeping under the bed sheets, being petted, purring and enjoys sitting on humans' shoulders now and then. All his achievements, health and loving personality have made him a gem within my program.

D.O.B. 04.11.2009
Color: Blue/white