Dar Bogov Harizma
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About Nyx Harizma

Nyx Harizma (Nyx for short) was imported from the Russian Cattery Dar Bogov owned by Olga Vonostova, a licensed veterinary surgeon. Originally, Nyx's name was Harizma which means charisma in Russian. This name was given to Nyx because of -- you guessed it -- her charismatic personality.

Nyx comes from a distinguished line of top show cats, notably her mother, Jessika, who achieved best Sphynx for all of Russia in 2008. Nyx won my heart with her solid night-black nose. This distinct coloration was what led to her being named Nyx -- The Greek goddess of night. The goddess instilled fear in Zeus and birthed many other great gods and goddesses. Nyx the Sphynx also has a strong will and powerful nature like her namesake. Her meow is feminine but loud and regardless of her being a petite female, she asserts herself proudly amongst her feline peers. Amongst all of these strengths, Nyx does have a softer side. She loves human companionship, cuddling in bed, sitting on laps, bathing people, playing and will always be in the same room as you regardless of what time of day it is!

Nyx started her show career in the World Cat Federation (WCF) at the ripe age of four months and has since continued within the American and Canadian Cat Fancy associations. Nyx has achieved the title of double champion (DCH) within the American Cat Fancy Association (ACFA) and continues her show career today.

Nyx is an excellent example of the Sphynx breed when describing the right amount of wrinkles, large ears, whisker pads, and lemon shaped eyes. Nyx has gained the nickname "Chinny" due to her prominent chin with its gorgeous wrinkled ridges. She is of petite build due to her Russian origin but that has not stopped her from impressing judges with her stature.

With her distinguished bloodlines and inspiring charisma, Nyx has been crowned my foundation female.

D.O.B. 03.02.2010
Color: f 03 (Black tortie/white)